Pingtung, Taiwan
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Sichongxi Hot Springs Features

During Japanese rule, Sichongxi was one of Taiwan’s 4 major hot springs along with Beitou, Yangmingshan, and Guanziling.
Hot springs flow from the stones of Shimu Mountain at a rate of nearly 150 liters per minute; hydrogen ion concentration is between 7.9-8 while water temperature is maintained between 50-60 Celsius.
Sichongxi hot springs is a 100% alkaline sodium bicarbonate spring which features benefits such as “skin and joint care”. The spring water is especially rich in minerals such as iron and barium which are excellent for relaxing stiff shoulders, lower backs, and legs. The clear and gentle water quality is odorless, making it ideal for bathing and drinking; as such, the springs is renowned for “skin beautification” as it nourishes the skin while softening old and dead skin cells to help your skin shine with brilliance.
Sichongxi hot springs was discovered in the Guangxu Era at the end of Japan’s Taisho period where at the time, Hirohito (later known as Emperor Showa) stayed in the area. In Showa 7 (1932), Takamatsunomiya Imperial Prince Nobuhito, brother of Emperor Showa requested to spend his honeymoon here, staying at Yamaguchi Hotel (now Qingquan Hot Spring Hotel) and sang high praises of the area. The hot springs used by the prince has since been preserved, with President Chiang Kai-Shek also spending summer at the hotel in 1954.