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Encounters at Sichongxi
Samiling Resort is located in Sichongxi, a hot springs village in Checheng Township, Pingtung County. Sichongxi is located downstream of Mudan Township, land and home to the indigenous tribe of Paiwan. The surging natural hot springs are also known as “Chu Tang” and is one of Taiwan’s 4 major springs.
近年屏東縣政府在四重溪設有「溫泉公園」,長鈺飯店(Samiling Resort)依著第四重溪水而建,溪水潺潺,彷彿將城市帶來的一身塵埃洗滌乾淨,隱身於世外的寧靜之地。位於公園第一排;視野寛濶;秋冬公園夢幻燈海,居高觀賞;可謂「絕景;超級好View!」

“Samiling” originates from Pinayuanan and means elegance, solemnity, and excellence

“Samiling” originates from Pinayuanan and means elegance, solemnity, and excellence
  • 打造莊重溫馨的空間氛圍
  • 典雅脫凡、elegant、與眾不同
  • 美好的體驗及回味
The resort was named Samiling after the work of artist Sanyu and the meaning of Samiling (elegance, solemnity, excellence) in Pinayuanan.
In echoing this concept, we’ve selected the most fitting architectural style for local scenery and culture. The combination of stone panels and swirled stones that exude primitive and earthy visuals. The buildings are designed to allow airflow with spacious and comfortable bedrooms that receive ample lighting and seem to integrate into the scenery outside their windows.
Light and air become elements of nutrients, all furniture is custom made to create one-of-a-kind value and sentiments.
Enjoy snacks with your tea in the lounge area of our guestrooms while soaking in the intersection between modern, minimalistic architectural design and natural scenery. Both tranquility and harmony join together to create a valuable atmosphere of leisure.





Brand Story
「長鈺溫泉飯店(Samiling Resort)」在2022年初開始試營運。是首家以「長鈺」命名的旅店品牌。擷取頂尖人士世界旅遊體驗;結合地方特色;旅店優勢,採「精品式」經營。Similar to the artist Sanyu, a pioneer who integrated western art into Chinese calligraphy. His unbridled work established his simple, flowing art style.
His renowned works, series of female nudes, utilize lines to express a lingering sentiment. The human body flows similar to ink and mountains, full of powerful lines and a solid composition that echoes the scenes of mountains found at Samiling Resort, a hotel where guests may enjoy peace and tranquility created through the integration of modern minimalistic architecture and natural scenery.

Escape from urban life and experience the poetry created by mountains and springs
Bring warmth to your soul, we look forward to an encounter with you