Pingtung, Taiwan

About Sanyu


About Sanyu

Sanyu was born in 1901 to a wealthy merchant family in Shunqing of Sichuan China. As a youth, he learned calligraphy and landscape paintings from Zhao Xi before studying in France in 1921. Along with Xu Beihong, Lin Fengmian, and Pan Yuliang, he was one of the first foreign students in France and after arriving in Paris, Sanyu immediately immersed himself into an artistic lifestyle. He learned painting at Académie de la Grande Chaumière or wandered the cafes in Montparnasse. Sanyu eventually met Paris’ biggest collector of the time, Pierre-Henri Hoché and his work began to gain attention and was collected by the French art world. He has participated in many Salon d’Automne and independent salon exhibits as well as being featured in multiple galleries.

In 1964, Sanyu accepted an invitation from then R.O.C. Ministry of Education Minister Huang Ji-Lu to host an exhibit in Taiwan. Sanyu delivered more than 40 works to Taiwan but was ultimately unable to enter the country due to passport issues, thereby concluding his journey to Taiwan. In 1966, Sanyu died in Paris due to a gas poisoning accident and the works he delivered to Taiwan were donated to the National Museum of History by the Ministry of Education.

KT One >> Sanyu Exhibition
There are currently 20 reproduced paintings recreated using micro-jets in the multifunctional gallery at KT One as well as exclusive souvenir products made in collaboration with renowned designer Justin Chou. Elements of Sanyu’s work are evolved and used in clothing patterns, including series such as female nudes, vases, and animals which are boldly created using the vibrant colors of Pingtung to express fashion as wearable art.

Exhibit Location: KT One (B1F, No. 2, Kending Road, Hengchun Township)